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Mud (sand) crude oil is mainly sludge and scum produced during the exploration, mining, gathering and transportation, and wastewater (liquid) treatment of petroleum and natural gas. It has large production, high oil content, high heavy oil composition, and comprehensive utilization. Features such as few ways and difficult processing. Relying on the core technology developed independently, Firstmach Equipment Co., Ltd. assists oil and gas field companies to carry out oil and gas field environmental protection business, and can provide integrated solutions for the treatment of oily waste. Whether it is a station-building mode or a skid-mounted mode, it can meet the customized needs of customers.

According to the different characteristics of oily waste, we provide customers with differentiated treatment process solutions. Dispose of oil-based drilling wastes (waste oil-based mud, oil-containing drill cuttings, etc.), refining and chemical “three muds” (bottom sludge in oil traps, dissolved gas flotation scum, residual activated pollutants), oil pit sludge, floor sludge, immersed sludge, tank bottom sludge, oilfield produced water, fracturing return fluid, and other oil and gas fields.

What can we do for you?
  • (1)Offer a certain technology alone or adopt a combined process of multiple technologies for you depend on (a)the composition, physical properties and production of oily sludge; (b)local environmental standards; (c)the use of the sludge after treatment.

  • (2)Offer a alone or some machines of oily sludge, for example, negative pressure solid conveyor, sludge shaker, centrifuge, screw press machine, three phase separator, pyrolysis machine and so on;

  • (3)Components;

    Our technical concerns

    (1)Achieve high treatment efficiency and good effect;

    (2)Reduce the overall disposal cost, maximize the resource recovery of "crude oil" in oily sludge.