Batch Pyrolysis Plant

Our typical pyrolysis system is simple and reliable. The components include: the reactor, where the thermal decomposition takes place, the condensing heat exchanger for get pyrolysis oil, the exhaust gas treatment system and system of storage and distribution of pyrolysis products which classically fall into three categories: solids, liquids and gas.


Item Capacity Reactor’s Size Form of Work
Model FPJ-1 1T/D φ1400*2200 Batch Type/Skid Mounted Type/Non-installation
FPJ-3 3T/D φ1600*4900 Batch Type/Skid Mounted Type/Non-installation
FPJ-6 6T/D φ2200*6000 Batch Type
FPJ-10 10T/D φ2800*6600 Batch Type
FPJ-12 12T/D φ2800*7100 Batch Type
FPJ-15 15T/D φ2800*7700 Batch Type
FP-15 15~20T/D φ2800*7100 Semi-continuous Type
FP-30 30T/D φ2200*11000 Full Continuous Type
FP-50 50T/D φ2200*11000 Full Continuous Type
Thickness of Reactor 16mm/18mm
Operating Pressure Constant Pressure
Rotate Speed of Reactor 0~0.4rpm
Structure Form Horizontal
Cooling Type Recycle Water Cooling
Heating Mode Directly Burning
Applicable Fuel Coal/Natural Gas/LPG/ Diesel/Wood/Pyrolysis Oil
Foundation No
Land Required 300㎡

Pictures of Main Devices

Flowchart of Process

Application of Pyrolysis Technology

Pictures Raw Material Description
Waste Tires The most popular material is waste tires and its final products are fuel oil, steel wires and carbon black, average oil yield 40%-45%.
Waste Plastics Plastics can be PP/PE/PS/ABS, PP/PS 60%-70%, HDPE around 80%, ABS about 40%. plastic pyrolysis will generate a large scale of combustible gas, which will be recycled in the system.
Oil Sludge The final products from oil sludge will be mainly solid residue and oil.  Its purpose is to realize zero pollution releasing and recover more 99% oil. The TPH of residue is less 1%.
MSW Mixed MSW needs to be sorted firstly, plastics separated from MSW can be processed, oil yield of mixed plastics will be 30-50%.
Medical Waste Medical waste needs to be disinfected by microwave before processing in pyrolysis system, oil yield will be 30-50%.
Aluminized Paper Aluminized Paper can be processed by pyrolysis system, oil yield depends on materials, averagely plastic including materials is 35%, aluminum around 20%.
Waste Cables Oil yield of waste cables depend on the materials. PE cable can reach above 70%, Rubber cables around 35%, metals (copper or aluminum) will be separated to be sold.

Typical Output From Tire Pyrolysis Process

Application Of Final Products

Item Application
Pyrolysis oil 1) Can be used directly in the heavy oil generator to get electricity.
2) Part of it can be used back to pyrolysis machine for heating the reactor.
3) Can be sold directly, widely used in ceramic factory, cement factory, steel factory, hotels, etc.
4) Can be refined to be non-standard diesel, can be used in the diesel generator, boat, and other heavy duty low speed diesel engines.
Carbon black 1) Can be pressed to be briquettes and used as fuel.
2) Can be used to produce rubbers pads, rubber belt, soles, etc.
3) Can be further reprocessed to be higher quality and used as fortifier and filler of plastic and rubber industry or as color master batch.
Steel Wires ( from waste tires) Be sold directly to steel factory.
Non-condensable Combustible gas Will be recycled to the furnace for heating the reactor.

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