Right Machine for Good Profit

2022-09-08 15:30:58

Tire pyrolysis is believed to be the dirtiest process because of carbon black being present in tires. But it can be taken care of by engineering the collection of the carbon black and retaining it for recycling because tire manufacturing companies still use raw carbon black to manufacturer new tires. The other thing is that there is an average amount of oil in each tire laying around in our environment. I believe its at least 5 to 7 gallons for each tires. Plastics has much less carbon but it is still made with hydrocarbons that can be extracted by pyrolysis and the distillation refined at a petroleum refinery, too. Ding the calculations… If there are 1 billion used tires in the United States laying all over, there is an average of between 5 billion to 7 billion gallons of petroleum. Plastic pyrolysis has it demerits, too. All we have to do is require the proper engineering and environmental controls in the pyrolysis of both of these wastes just like an oil refinery today. I learned that the profit potential is huge because of a return of 95%. Also let’s not forget, in this industry, there are no exploration and production expenses like major petroleum companies incur.