Answers about the exhaust smoke

2022-09-08 16:20:43

Q: Is the pyrolysis plant environmental harmful

A: If properly designed, a tire or plastics pyrolysis plant will have zero emissions, neither gases nor particulate matter. It will still require energy and that will have some CO2 burden. The state of the art pyrolysis plant is not environmentally harmful.

Q: Tail gas should be treated. What about desulfurization & deodorization tower system? As per as i know it removes H2S Gas, and also removes Some NOX, COX, SOX gas.

A: Yes, we use the desulfurization & deodorization tower system for dispose the exhaust smoke. There are two strong atomizing towers.

After the exhaust smoke is drained to the strong atomizing towers via draft fan, it’s scattered via the pall ring and remove the dust, COX, SOX gas and lower the smoke temperature in the first atomizing tower. There are the recycle ordinary water that is sprayed in the first atomizing tower.

In the second atomizing tower, the exhaust smoke is also scattered via the pall ring and remove the remainder NOX, COX, SOX gas. There are the recycle alkaline water which is added the alkaline chemicals.

After the two steps, the exhaust smoke will be drained via chimney after meet the requirements.

Q: What about your waste water treatment Process which include cooling water & dust removal water?

A: Because the water will be recycle used and be evaporated, there are no water for be drained.

Q: What about your water dust scrubber system? Which could wash the dust and impurities from the smoke… As the smoke is acidic, what if use Caustic lime into the dedusting water pool before reuse? In this process the impurities will be settled down, the upper water will become clean and could be used again…

A: There are two strong atomizing towers. The material of strong atomizing towers is stainless steel with corrosion resistant for long life. The atomizing tower can clean wash the dust and impurities from the smoke, because there are pall ring and spray water. The customer must add the caustic lime or other alkaline substance in second tower for neutralize the acid smoke.